Do You Really Need A Cleaner?

metal cleaning woolFrom talking to a lot of Irish people, it seems like hiring a cleaner is getting more and more common every day. However there does still seem to be some issues. One recent story I heard was where a woman booked a cleaner and just before the cleaning lady arrived, the woman had already ran around her home and cleaned up the worst of the mess before the Dublin cleaner arrived. She felt her home was too dirty and she felt embarrassed!

It is definitely a cause for shame for many Irish women to have a dirty home. I myself can think back to my mom frantically rushing around the house trying to clean, when she had been informed at very short notice, that some friends or relatives were about to come and visit.

Today though with the average Irish wage being fairly high and the cost of most house cleaning services being quite reasonable, nearly everyone has a cleaner stop by for a few hours a week. It really is a fantastic investment when you think about it.

Time is the only thing in this world that you cannot get more of. Once its gone you can’t get it back. You can’t beg borrow or steal more time. So every second needs to be cherished and spent wisely. If you can pay someone to take care of the time consuming, mundane tasks such as cleaning your home, then you should absolutely do that.

Think of all the time you can save and the wonderful things you can do with that time. You could learn to play an instrument, read some books, hang out with friends, spend more time with your kids or spouse. The possibilities are absolutely endless. And also bear in mind that there are many great cleaners Dublin has to offer.

It will also benefit your health as well though. Think of this, do you ever feel anxious and sometimes sad because of the mess you live in? Do you feel pressure to clean all the time? A professional cleaner can alleviate that stress quickly and easily. Also everything will be organised properly, so you won’t misplace your glasses or keys ever again. Finally, keeping levels of dust and bacteria to a minimum will also keep your family’s immune systems healthy and strong.

Long gone are the days when only the super elite where able to afford helpers. The influx of immigrants combined with the advent of new technology have all combined to bring house cleaning down to a price that the masses can afford.

Of course it’s not just as easy as picking up the phone. You really do have to do your research first. Some companies are very untrustworthy. They do not insure their cleaners at all and they treat their employees terribly.

They also don’t carry out any background checks either. That means you are letting a person into your home that you have never seen before and the cleaning company has not even bothered to perform the smallest tests on their cleaning ability or their work history.

So you need to take your time and call many different services. You should always talk with the owner if possible. Make sure you have a list of questions that you want to ask. Any manager or business owner worth their salt will happily answer your questions for as long as you need, if you sound like a legitimate client and not a time-waster.

When it comes to letting strangers into your house you always have to go that extra mile. Check if the company is a member of any trade bodies or associations. This can boost their credibility enormously as there are often very stringent rules and regulations that must be followed to gain membership to these organisations.

But how do you even know if you need a cleaner in the first place? Well here are a few questions to ask yourself.

Is your house always a mess? Do you find it tough to juggle cleaning, ironing, feeding the kids and working? Do you constantly have a to-do list a mile long? Do you give each room a very light superficial cleaning, when in actual fact it requires a thorough cleaning?

If you have answered yes to the majority of these questions then it sounds to me like you definitely need to call in a professional cleaning service. Let me recommend these guys: they have the best cleaners Dublin city and county have to offer.

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Get Your Bathroom Spotless In Record Time

Hey guys it’s me again. How have you all been?clean toilet

I’ve had an absolute fantastic week. I know you guys probably thought that I had stopped posting cleaning articles but that couldn’t be further from the truth. So today I am back with a vengeance and I have got a very special article.

But Toilets Are Dirty!

It is going to be about cleaning your bathroom. Let’s face it, cleaning the bathroom is not exactly a very nice job is it? We all know what gets dropped splashed and flushed down the toilet. Not very pleasant to think about being on your hands and knees scrubbing the toilet bowl and even worse, the area right around the back of your toilet bowl.

But if you are anything like me then you’ll get really nervous when someone asks “Can I use your bathroom?” In my mind I am like “Oh my god!”. I start to wonder if I have cleaned it properly, does it smell bad, is their any toilet roll, are the towels clean and so on.

And again if you are like me then you’ll hate surprise visits for this very same reason.

Often I’ll ask to go into the toilet before my guest does just to ensure that one of my children hasn’t caused a mess in there! After all we all know what kids are like in bathrooms.

If I get told on very short notice that a work mate or friend is going to stop by the house, I always clean the bathroom first, just on the off chance that they may ask to use my bathroom.

With all of this in mind (Yes I realise this was a very long introduction), I created this short checklist of what steps to take to make washing your bathroom a breeze.

So How Do I Clean My Bathroom Fast?

spotless bathroomThe absolute easiest way in which you can clean your bathroom and indeed any room in your home is to have a small trash bag on the door handle of the room. Then you can quickly and easily throw any dirt or trash into it. This will speed up the process dramatically, as now all the major pieces of rubbish are gone. These are the bit that your vacuum simply won’t be able to suck up. If you try to vacuum before taking this vital step it’ll just result in you having to stoop over continuously to unclog the pipe. That is going to cost you a lot of time and lets be honest, its going to be incredibly annoying too.

Speed is of the essence when cleaning as your motivation is a very short lived thing and if you start to get bogged down in monotonous tasks, you will just quit and give up.

Next you will need to attack the toilet bowl. Just some plain old bleach is great here. You can get fancy with your baking soda and vinegar if you want. But that adds time and we are looking for speed here! We do not want to be all day hunched over a toilet do we?

Use the toilet brush to move the bleach under the rim and around the bowl and then let it sit for 10-15 minutes. You may not need this long if your bowl is quite clean already. (But who are we kidding it probably isn’t.)

Finally You Can Use Vinegar

Next is where you can get your vinegar out. Using a microfiber cloth (yes very fancy I know!), spray the vinegar over all the surfaces you want to clean and wipe down with your cloth. This can be used on almost everything from shower doors, to mirrors, taps, the entire sink etc.

Finally you’ll realise that all of your cleaning has left quite a lot of dust and fluff on the floor. Pick up the rug and leave it outside the door, next use a flat mop to quickly run around the room. The most important areas are the corners as this is where the most hair and dust will have accumulated. Run the vacuum on all of the rugs and place them back inside when done.

That’s it! Now that wasn’t too hard was it? Good job. Now go and relax for a bit. You’ve earned it.

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After House Party Clean Up

cleaning productsWho doesn’t love a great party? I do, but of course, I don’t have as much time as I used to, especially with kids and a family. I’m also getting a bit older now too. (Hey I’m not too old to party just yet though!)

However what I have started to do much more often is have parties in my home. Yes they are more dinner party and less all night raves where you drink until you can’t stand and don’t go to sleep until the sun comes up.

Parties Are Lots Of Fun

But they can still be a lot of fun if done correctly. And of course if you invite the right people. The wrong people are going to kill any fun no matter what the setting.

Now that I think about it I should do a little mini series on party planning. That is definitely going into the top of my ideas box.

However as much fun as they may be, there’s one thing that always comes after a party. No i don’t mean a hangover. That’s right, I mean the dreaded cleanup.

Should I Just Get A Cheap Cleaner?

scrubbing wallNow I could cut this blog post very short and say, “Get some cleaners instead“. And honestly, with the wide array of different services and the “on-demand economy” it may not be a bad idea.

However I’ve heard some real horror stories about these places.

Realistically when you see a cleaner or cleaning service and they are selling their services for such a horribly low price, you have to ask your self the very important question. Why? Usually they are cheap because that’s all their cleaning ability is worth!

That might sound harsh but the world we live in works very firmly on supply and demand. If a person or company’s service is in high demand then the rule states that their prices will go up. On the flip-side however, if they have no demand for their work then their prices will stay low.

So to recap; low priced cleaner equals low demand cleaner which ultimately equals a bad cleaner. You have been warned!

If you really want the job done properly then you are going to have to spring for a company that is charging $25 per hour minimum. And some of the very high end services charge $35 or more per hour.

However for this amount of money you are truly getting a phenomenal service. They will pull out all the stops. From the customer service on the initial phone call right through to the very end and the post-cleaning care, you’ll be looked after and treated like royalty. Of course if your budget doesn’t stretch that far then there’s not much else you can do except clean up yourself (or be sneaky and get your kids to do it). Hey they won’t be perfect but they’ll be cheap at least!!

Okay I Can’t Afford A Good Cleaner, Now What?

So what do you do if you need to clean up your post-party mess all by yourself? Well you plan ahead that’s what. things like using table covers, and sending leftovers home with your party guests for instance. Also, and this is a huge mistake that so many people make, please ensure that you have enough plastic bags.

You’ll be generating a lot of mess. Much more than you’d expect. And these things can get pretty messy in the small hours of the night. So make sure you have ample boxes and bins for trash. Also plan out a place where you will actually leave the bags one they have been filled. Finally you need to know where you’ll dispose of them.

If you use a wheelie bin then you need to know that the rubbish company will not accept black bin bags left out beside your green bin. You have to purchase specially branded bags from the bin company. Then when you leave them outside your home, they will take them to the dump.

Otherwise they’ll just be left outside your home for dogs, cats and foxes to feast over. That is a terrible scenario as then you’ll have to clean up twice. First the inside of your home from the party and then the street outside your house too!

In Closing

The bottom line is that you need to be smart about your planning. You should also marry a rich husband so you can just afford to get your home cleaned professionally afterwards (I’m joking :D).

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