cleaning productsWho doesn’t love a great party? I do, but of course, I don’t have as much time as I used to, especially with kids and a family. I’m also getting a bit older now too. (Hey I’m not too old to party just yet though!)

However what I have started to do much more often is have parties in my home. Yes they are more dinner party and less all night raves where you drink until you can’t stand and don’t go to sleep until the sun comes up.

Parties Are Lots Of Fun

But they can still be a lot of fun if done correctly. And of course if you invite the right people. The wrong people are going to kill any fun no matter what the setting.

Now that I think about it I should do a little mini series on party planning. That is definitely going into the top of my ideas box.

However as much fun as they may be, there’s one thing that always comes after a party. No i don’t mean a hangover. That’s right, I mean the dreaded cleanup.

Should I Just Get A Cheap Cleaner?

scrubbing wallNow I could cut this blog post very short and say, “Get some cleaners instead“. And honestly, with the wide array of different services and the “on-demand economy” it may not be a bad idea.

However I’ve heard some real horror stories about these places.

Realistically when you see a cleaner or cleaning service and they are selling their services for such a horribly low price, you have to ask your self the very important question. Why? Usually they are cheap because that’s all their cleaning ability is worth!

That might sound harsh but the world we live in works very firmly on supply and demand. If a person or company’s service is in high demand then the rule states that their prices will go up. On the flip-side however, if they have no demand for their work then their prices will stay low.

So to recap; low priced cleaner equals low demand cleaner which ultimately equals a bad cleaner. You have been warned!

If you really want the job done properly then you are going to have to spring for a company that is charging $25 per hour minimum. And some of the very high end services charge $35 or more per hour.

However for this amount of money you are truly getting a phenomenal service. They will pull out all the stops. From the customer service on the initial phone call right through to the very end and the post-cleaning care, you’ll be looked after and treated like royalty. Of course if your budget doesn’t stretch that far then there’s not much else you can do except clean up yourself (or be sneaky and get your kids to do it). Hey they won’t be perfect but they’ll be cheap at least!!

Okay I Can’t Afford A Good Cleaner, Now What?

So what do you do if you need to clean up your post-party mess all by yourself? Well you plan ahead that’s what. things like using table covers, and sending leftovers home with your party guests for instance. Also, and this is a huge mistake that so many people make, please ensure that you have enough plastic bags.

You’ll be generating a lot of mess. Much more than you’d expect. And these things can get pretty messy in the small hours of the night. So make sure you have ample boxes and bins for trash. Also plan out a place where you will actually leave the bags one they have been filled. Finally you need to know where you’ll dispose of them.

If you use a wheelie bin then you need to know that the rubbish company will not accept black bin bags left out beside your green bin. You have to purchase specially branded bags from the bin company. Then when you leave them outside your home, they will take them to the dump.

Otherwise they’ll just be left outside your home for dogs, cats and foxes to feast over. That is a terrible scenario as then you’ll have to clean up twice. First the inside of your home from the party and then the street outside your house too!

In Closing

The bottom line is that you need to be smart about your planning. You should also marry a rich husband so you can just afford to get your home cleaned professionally afterwards (I’m joking :D).

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