metal cleaning woolFrom talking to a lot of Irish people, it seems like hiring a cleaner is getting more and more common every day. However there does still seem to be some issues. One recent story I heard was where a woman booked a cleaner and just before the cleaning lady arrived, the woman had already ran around her home and cleaned up the worst of the mess before the Dublin cleaner arrived. She felt her home was too dirty and she felt embarrassed!

It is definitely a cause for shame for many Irish women to have a dirty home. I myself can think back to my mom frantically rushing around the house trying to clean, when she had been informed at very short notice, that some friends or relatives were about to come and visit.

Today though with the average Irish wage being fairly high and the cost of most house cleaning services being quite reasonable, nearly everyone has a cleaner stop by for a few hours a week. It really is a fantastic investment when you think about it.

Time is the only thing in this world that you cannot get more of. Once its gone you can’t get it back. You can’t beg borrow or steal more time. So every second needs to be cherished and spent wisely. If you can pay someone to take care of the time consuming, mundane tasks such as cleaning your home, then you should absolutely do that.

Think of all the time you can save and the wonderful things you can do with that time. You could learn to play an instrument, read some books, hang out with friends, spend more time with your kids or spouse. The possibilities are absolutely endless. And also bear in mind that there are many great cleaners Dublin has to offer.

It will also benefit your health as well though. Think of this, do you ever feel anxious and sometimes sad because of the mess you live in? Do you feel pressure to clean all the time? A professional cleaner can alleviate that stress quickly and easily. Also everything will be organised properly, so you won’t misplace your glasses or keys ever again. Finally, keeping levels of dust and bacteria to a minimum will also keep your family’s immune systems healthy and strong.

Long gone are the days when only the super elite where able to afford helpers. The influx of immigrants combined with the advent of new technology have all combined to bring house cleaning down to a price that the masses can afford.

Of course it’s not just as easy as picking up the phone. You really do have to do your research first. Some companies are very untrustworthy. They do not insure their cleaners at all and they treat their employees terribly.

They also don’t carry out any background checks either. That means you are letting a person into your home that you have never seen before and the cleaning company has not even bothered to perform the smallest tests on their cleaning ability or their work history.

So you need to take your time and call many different services. You should always talk with the owner if possible. Make sure you have a list of questions that you want to ask. Any manager or business owner worth their salt will happily answer your questions for as long as you need, if you sound like a legitimate client and not a time-waster.

When it comes to letting strangers into your house you always have to go that extra mile. Check if the company is a member of any trade bodies or associations. This can boost their credibility enormously as there are often very stringent rules and regulations that must be followed to gain membership to these organisations.

But how do you even know if you need a cleaner in the first place? Well here are a few questions to ask yourself.

Is your house always a mess? Do you find it tough to juggle cleaning, ironing, feeding the kids and working? Do you constantly have a to-do list a mile long? Do you give each room a very light superficial cleaning, when in actual fact it requires a thorough cleaning?

If you have answered yes to the majority of these questions then it sounds to me like you definitely need to call in a professional cleaning service. Let me recommend these guys: they have the best cleaners Dublin city and county have to offer.

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